Some Kudos From a Few of our Clients

Hey Folks! As you could tell, Ernie is making great progress on the social network website. I will be sending you requests periodically to gather your suggestions for each of our three sites. Ernie is starting to build the sales websites and we will keep you informed on its progress.

If you don’t mind, take a few minutes and return mail to me with any and all information that we should gather as part of the “Profile questions for people signing up for the Social Network”. If you have any other ideas for the functions in the site, please forward your ideas to me and I will compile the information so Ernie can get ideas from us to program into this site. I have got to tell you guys that we have “JEWELL” with Ernie as our website developer. While he doesn’t’ have a background in the Beatles, he has already made some innovations that are making this site the “BEST” on the net.

While we specifically need information now for the social network now, ANY ideas you have for any of the sites will be most appreciated and sent to Ernie. We also need to let you know we all need to start a list of people we can contact to advertise on our websites. I hope you noticed the quality and the great look of the sample ads Ernie has compiled, they look awesome.

Please drop Ernie a note and let him know great the site looks! Ernie Risinger [email protected]

Jim Atkisson

Beatles Backbeat Administrator


"HOLY MOSES!!! Just when I think the website looks GREAT, you make it even BETTER!!!

Love what you did with the Gene Williams/Lucas Oil header at the top of the page and the schedule!!!


Thumbs up - you've got the green light from me!!!

You're the best!!!"

"DANG! You already changed the pictures, all in a matter of an hour or so - WOW!!! I sent the link to my mom and she is QUITE impressed!!! So is my hubby!!!! Way to go!!! You know I'm gonna be braggin on you all over the place."

"WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! That takes my breath away!!!! I like the little roses in the corners!!! :) "

"Katie Lynn"

Recording Artist and former back up singer with Mickey Gilley, singer in Buck Trent's show in Branson and former Co-Host of the Gene Williams TV Show, as well as selling real estate in Branson


"We called the emergency response team at

Harvest Computers (this was before we were Harvest Productions) and they fixed it fast!

We really appreciate you and the fast response!

Thanks again for all your help!"

Kathy Fatherley, Richard Fatherley's Manager
Richard Fatherley was the "voice of Branson" as he did the "voice over work" for the Presley's, Dixie Stampede and many others and he was the "Ad Man" of TV and Radio all over the Country. He recently passed away and we will miss him.


"Thank you so much for doing such a great job on my web-site I am very well pleased with everything you have done. I'm looking forward to even more additions as we progress. God bless you Roland Wright."

Roland Wright-Founder of Yes Records & President of TIMA (Texas International Music Association)


"An incredible thanks go out to Ernie Risinger of Harvest Productions for designing and building our site. We have been removed from the "Is this really a web site?" shock when people visit. It was really bad. Ernie revamped it and now it is a shining testimony to our mission."

Andy Woolard-Founder and President of the Christian Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc


"You're doing a great job; I am very impressed. Thank you so much for taking me to a new level of professionalism.
I'm proud to get to be one of your clients and friend.
Thank you, Mike..."

Mike Culpepper-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Audio/Video Producer


I just got through browsing my website and Thanking The Lord for ya'll. As my Grandmother would say; You're Angels sent from Heaven. Thank You for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Truly, you're both gifted from above!

Again Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Mary Fay"

Mary Fay Jackson-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/TV Personality/Host of the Texas Country Gospel TV Show


"WOW, all day today people have been ordering cds, so far we have sold 25,
and we even sold 1 Under Cover cd. That really made me happy. Thank you both
so much for making this possible for us. We have been and still and will always be blessed because of ya'll. God sure can do wonders thru others. Oh yea and the King family has already ordered 100 cds, and tonight we are selling them at the costume party at my work. I already know we will sell out. So far I have ordered 300 cds, all within 1 wk. This is great, again
thank you and God Bless you.

Ben Bolling's wife and Manager-Recording Artist and our friends


"Thanks Sharlene. You and Ernest are a blessing to us and an answer to our prayer. Ted will be contacting you soon.

In Christ, Michelle K"

Cowboys for Christ-International Ministry to the Livestock Industry and Beyond
Ted Pressley was the founder and President and a TV Personality that has hosted and appeared on many Television programs. We redesigned their site for them.



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